Wednesday, January 10, 2007

With Larry, laughing and learning

I wasn't on the ‘Prince’ editorial staff or the ad staff. I was just one of the students who went to the ‘Prince’ office every afternoon and worked for Larry setting the day’s ads so that everything was ready to go for the editorial staff at night.

It would just be me, Larry and maybe one other person as we worked the afternoon away, laughing and learning. We learned how to work those old machines (long gone to printer’s heaven) that would run out long strips of headline copy and we learned to make everything look right, laying ads out in the “DuPraz way.” But most of all we learned about dedication, hard work and about having a passion for something meaningful.

In so many ways Larry was the ‘Prince,’ acting as the glue that kept the paper going while decades of Princetonians came and went. He will be missed but he will be remembered in our hearts and in each new issue of the ‘Prince’ that rolls off the presses.

-- Pamela Clifton '79, 'Prince' alumna


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